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Guide Image

How to Assemble OpenROV v2.5

This guide will show you how to build and assemble your OpenROV v2.5!

Guide Image

IMU/Depth Module for OpenROV v2.6 and lower (Stopped Production June 2015)

This guide will direct you through the steps to create the IMU/Depth Sensor...

Guide Image

Prepare a Tether Management System

This tether spool can be built from parts you can get at a local hardware...

Guide Image

How to Assemble OpenROV 2.6

Give a short summary.

Guide Image

How to Make the OpenROV RJ45 Connector

This guide will show you how to make the RJ45 male-male connector for OpenROV...

Guide Image

Recording Video

Record video from the on board web cam using VLC, a common media player...

Guide Image

Working with Homeplug Adapters

This guide shows comparisons between different versions of homeplug adapters...

Guide Image

2.6 Endcap Replacement

This is a guide of my experieince upgrading the endcaps from a version 2.5...

Guide Image

Marks Sampling Device

A push activated sampling device with low material cost designed by Mark...

Guide Image

Battery Tube Adapter for Li-FePO4 Batteries

This guide will show you the step by step for building the battery tube...