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Select a difficulty level for this entire task (including any prerequisite instructions). The difficulty ranking reflects the experience, physical dexterity, and risk involved.

Very easy

Does not require opening device.


Requires minimal disassembly and requires only basic tools like a Phillips or flat-head screwdriver.


Requires a fair amount of disassembly. This is a task that most people would not perform without instruction.


Requires significant disassembly and may require specialized tasks like soldering.

Very difficult

This task is considered quite challenging, may require specialized tasks like micro-soldering, and may risk damage to the device. If you can do this, people may call you MacGyver on occasion.

If your guide picks up where an existing guide leaves off, add the existing guide as a prerequisite to avoid having to write additional steps. Prerequisite guides will be displayed before this guide. Make sure that the prerequisite guides are in the correct order. You can change the prerequisite order by dragging the icons to the left of the guide's name.

  • 1 × Included in kit: L-wrench (M3)
  • 1 × Included in kit: L-wrench (M2)
  • 1 × Included in kit: greasefor creating waterproof seal on pass-throughs
  • 1 × Included in kit: Loctitethreadlocker for attaching horizontal propellers to motor shafts
  • 1 × Small phillips head screwdriver
  • 1 × Scissors or cuttersfor opening Loctite
  • 1 × Tweezersfor removing and placing small screws
  • 1 × Isopropyl alcohol 99% or higherfor cleaning pass-throughs
  • 1 × Cotton swabsfor cleaning pass-throughs
  • 1 × Wipesfor cleaning pass-throughs
  • 1 × Compressed airfor cleaning pass-throughs (if you don't have any, clean thoroughly and allow extra dry time)
  • 2 × horizontal motorleft and right motors
  • 1 × vertical motor (no motor shaft)
  • 2 × horizontal propeller"L" and "R" designation (very important to place correctly)
  • 1 × vertical propeller
  • 6 × M3x6mm screwfor vertical motor attachment and mounting (do not reuse old screws)
  • 4 × M3x10mm screwfor horizontal motor mounts (do not reuse old screws)
  • 6 × M2x5mm screwfor motor plugs (do not reuse old screws)
  • 3 × gasketfor waterproof seal at pass-throughs (do not reuse old gaskets)
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