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Turn off power to ROV right away (this will keep electrolysis from corroding the electronics). To do this, unplug your USB cable and remove the batteries.

If the water that flooded the tube was not fresh water, rinse the electronics that got wet in fresh water (de-ionized > distilled > tap water) to dilute and remove the minerals from the area that got flooded.

Take the electronics apart to expose as many surfaces as possible.

Rinse the affected areas one more time.

Wash away the fresh water with isopropyl alcohol or ethanol.

Thoroughly dry each of the pieces of electronics. Compressed air can help.

Put all the affected electronics in a dry place. It's helpful to have a zip-loc bag filled with rice or desiccant.

When you re-assemble everything, inspect for corrosion. If you see any, it can often be removed with a tooth brush so you can see the extent of the damage beneath it. Corrosion doesn't necessarily mean failure, but it's good to remove what you can.