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Once the laser is placed in the hole, you will see that is has some play. Apply minimal super glue to the inside of the laser hole. Apply a small amount of super glue to the opposite side of the laser and place in the hole.

The trick here is to align the laser with the bottom X on the calibration sheet while the super glue is drying (about 1 minute). When you let go of the laser it should stay aligned with the X. Let this dry and repeat for the top laser.

When gluing the lasers make sure that they do not protrude past the acrylic or they will rub on the inside of the electronics tube.

Careful not to glue your finger to the laser. Wear gloves and safety glasses when using glues and solvents.

When finished the lasers should dry in the electronics chassis as shown in fig 3. When completely cured (see instructions for super glue), your lasers are calibrated.