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Clean each endcap thoroughly, and place the small o-rings on each cap.

Be sure to put the o-ring on before your solder! Otherwise it will be quite difficult to get the o-ring over the square battery cap piece. If this happens it is easier to un-solder the battery cap, place the ring, and resolder.

Since the o-ring will make a pretty tight fit with the battery tube, it is recommended that a lubricant be used on the o-ring to assure the o-ring gets seated properly.

To apply the lubrication to the o-ring, squeeze a small amount of lubrication onto your finger and then move the o-ring through your fingers.

When using lubrication it is recommended that you wear gloves. Eye protection should be used when soldering.

Tin each positive battery wire and solder onto the positive terminal. The wire should be cut about 4 cm past the edge of the tube and should not get in the way of the closing battery cap.

When finished it should look like fig 3. Do this for port and starboard battery caps