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Now that the Powerbank and the Nano router has arrived unpack everything.

Connect the Nano Router to your PC or Laptop with the flat ethernet cable that came with it.

The router will assign an IP adress to your pc (make sure that DHCP is enabled)

Open up your preferred Browser and type in the IP of the Router (

Make sure that the Working Mode is set to AP. If not change it to it.

Next we need to change the Adress Type under Network -> LAN. Change it to Static IP and type in the following IP Adress: Leave Subnet Mask to If you didn't restart your Router until this point it is a good time to do this now.

Once this has been done we need to access our Router through the new adress. So type in in your browser to access it.

Now it is time to give your WiFi network a name. Go to Wireless -> Wireless Settings and type in the SSID. I went with OpenROV for the time being. Everything else I left untouched.