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This guide will help you get your standard hobbywing thrusters ready for long term and ocean use. In this picture you can see a before and after of a coated and non coated motors that have both been used in the ocean.

This is a list of items you will need: 3x8x4mm hybrid ceramic stainless steel bearings, 3x7x3mm hybrid bearings, Rustoleum crystal clear enamel, assorted punches, soft mallet, and a support for removing bearings (can use two very small pieces of wood to support the stators when you tap out the bearings).

Remove the main plastic body from the chassis by removing all of the o-ring/rubber bands, undoing the reusable zipties and removing the nuts from the two rods.

Remove the propellers and magnets by pulling them off (you must remove the clip for the vertical thruster.)

Remove the 2 allen key set screws on both sides of the motor, and wiggle it out of the mount.