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Insert the needle of the acrylic cement syringe between the two endcap disks with the needle facing downward and the bottom of the disks squeezed together

Remember to first create a suction in through the needle of the syringe so you can control the flow of cement

Inject acrylic cement between the two disks until about half of the disk area is wet (see picture)

Press the disks together against a flat surface on top of a paper towel.

If needed, the disks can be rotated against each other about the syringe to spread out the cement. Make sure the glue does not take hold while the pass through holes are not aligned

Use a paper towel to remove any excessive glue that beads up against the edges

The clear disks provide a visual indication of how/where the disks have adhered

If there are spots that did not get bonded with glue, applying glue to the perimeter of the disk in that area may help strengthen the attachment