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Cut 6 x 7cm lengths of 20awg wire.

Solder three three wires into the three holes on the USB REG board. The stripped wires make a tight fit into the holes, so you may need to remove a few strands from each.

Use a flush cutter to trim off excess wire.

To keep the other ends of the wires from shorting with each other on the Homeplug adapter side (which you'll wire to next) place 10mm long pieces of shrink tubing over the wires coming from the "+3.3v" and "GND" pins on the USB adapter. You can shrink this tubing over the header pins on the Homeplug adapter after the next step

After adding shrink tubing, solder the "+3.3V" and "GND" wires coming from the USB Reg to the middle and outer pins in the three-pin header on the homeplug adapter respectively. (Wiring diagram on next page).