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Before mounting the servo to the E-Chassis, push the horn onto the servo and gently rotate it back and forth to its extremes. Adjust how the horn is placed on the servo so that its limits are in positions equivalent to the camera platform looking straight up and straight down (ish). The screw that holds the horn on is not really needed.

Loosely attach the servo to the E-Chassis using a set of M3 screws and nuts as shown. You'll need the nuts to be just barely threaded onto the screws at first so that the Camera Mount arms can be put into position before being secured. (Make sure the arm is centered - lined up with the camera mount semi-circle.)

Place the Camera Mount Assembly onto the E-Chassis so that the top of the webcam (the side without the webcam mounting stand tabs) is facing up with servo on the right when the camera is facing toward you.

Attach the arm on the side without a servo to the E-Chassis using an M3 screw and nut. Do not fully tighten as this screw will act like a hinge and should not create much friction.

After assuring the servo arm is seated inside the cavity of the Camera Mount arm, tighten the two screws holding the servo in place until they are snug.