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Now we're going to start mounting other electronics onto the Controller Board. The first part we'll add is the Homeplug Adapter board.

We'll use the communication PCB out of a Tenda P200 Homeplug adapter to allow us to talk Ethernet over our twisted pair tether. To start, we'll need to open the Homeplug adapter and separate the communication board from the power regulation board.

Use a large flathead screw driver to pry apart the case.

Keep in mind that one of the four walls of the case is attached to the top piece of plastic so it won't pry off the same way as the other three sides.

You'll notice that there are two circuit boards inside. We'll want the one that the Ethernet jack is attached to.

As of July, 2013, Tenda made of revision of their P200 adapters. The old version (v1) is now being replaced with a newer version (v2) that is laid out as a mirror image of v1, and has female 2x6 headers instead of board stackers. We'll post info about how to use this board when we get one and learn about how it works.