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Use hot glue to block the outlet of the endcap pass-through so that potting compound will not leak out around the sides of the harness. Try not to get too much glue on the disks that will go inside the tube, and also make sure that the wire harness itself does not bulge up above the height of the large flange disk.

Keep the hot glue gun on and ready to use so that any hole is discovered once the endcap has been potted can be plugged. (This can be done by simply wiping off any escaping potting then filing that area with hot glue)

Start potting the endcap by inserting the mixing tube as far down into the pass-through as possible. You'll want to fill starting from the furthest-back point to avoid bubbles. Also, insert the mixing nozzle between the wires in the bundle to make sure there are no voids that are not getting filled.

Fill the pass-through hole to the rim (if a little spills over, that's no big deal- it can be wiped off or left as is)

Within the first 20 mins of potting, move the wire harness back and forth as well as up and down longitudinally (like a toilet plunger) to make sure potting compound is filling every void.

E-90FL starts to set up after about 90 mins, but it will take a day for it to fully harden.