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We're now going to get ready for one of the most important steps of the entire kit-building process: potting the port endcap. To start out, you'll want to make it so the wire harness coming through the endcap is pulled stright upward so that it doesn't touch the edges of the hole it is going through

For the next steps, you'll want to find a place where you can clamp or otherwise hold the endcap down against upward tension on the wire harness. You'll also need something above the wire harness that you can attach a rubber band too. A desk with a hutch, the space below a table, or an empty shelf on a bookcase are all good candidates.

Wrap some tape around the wire harness to make its cross-section somewhat circular just above where the wire comes out of the endcap hole.

Tie a thread or piece of fishing line to the wire harness a few cm above where it comes through the endcap. A knot that involves several wraps around the harness will work better.

Secure the other end of the line to a rubber band that is positioned directly above the hole in the endcap. Before tying the line off, pull it tight so that the rubber band is stretching downward from the tension in the line.