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Before mounting the motors, use the 1.5mm hex wrench to tighten the set screws on each motor. (We've found that these are often a little loose out of the box, and it's much easier to tighten them now then after the motors have been mounted)

Enough screws, lock washers, and nuts were included to fasten each motor in four places, however, it is easier and just as effective to only use two sets per motor.

Place the M3 screws in through the top of the motor mount, then, holding the screw in place with the hex key, place the motor on the internal structure so that the screw also fits through the appropriate mounting hole.

With the internal structure up-side-down and the motors facing toward you, the wire harness should go around the left side of the main bulkhead.

To fasten the motor, place a lock washer on the shaft of the screw as shown, then place a nut on top of that and hold the nut steady with your thumb. Tighten the screw with the hex wrench until tight. Pliers should not be necessary.

The motor with the shortest wire lead should go on the left with the structure upside-down (which will be the starboard side of the ROV), the middle-length wire lead motor should go on in the middle (it will be the vertical motor) and the motor with the longest leads should go on the right. It will be the port motor when the ROV is right side up.

Glue the two acrylic rings (motor shrouds) on to the structure.