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Find the shortest leadwire in the bundle (it should be the wire coming from the button terminal on the port battery tube) and make sure that it's end is at least 18cm from its length mark.

Trim the ends off of all the remaining wires so that they end at the same place as the shortest wire.

6 Auxiliary Wires: With the remaining 20awg wire, cut six 60cm long leads and group them together. These will be used as the auxiliary wires for connecting external devises to the ROV. The ends will be sealed with epoxy until ready for use. The new PMU sensor add-on uses 4 and two are reserved for I2C.

Note: Add additional wires for aux if you plan on tinkering later. Current build allows 24 Digital User Pins and 7 Analog Pins.

Pull one of the ends out from the coil of twisted pair "tether" wire and group it so that it is flush with the ends of the newly cut auxiliary wires.

Align the ends of the the tether and auxiliary wires with the ends of the motor and battery leads and wrap tape around the whole bundle. This tape cover will help guide the bundle through the mesh sleeve that will be used several steps later.