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Once the new motor leads have been attached and the potting in the battery tubes has cured, a wire harness can be built which will eventually pass into the Electronics Tube through the ROV's port endcap.

At any point before potting the wire harness into the endcap, you may also want to unravel and re-spool your tether to remove twists (which will make it less likely to tangle). This can be done by carefully unraveling it in a vacant parking lot or along a side walk, then recoiling it in a figure-8 pattern on a U-shaped PVC jig. Tether Management System

The first step to preparing the wire harness is marking the point that will pass through the end cap on each wire lead

Using a permanent marker, make clear indications of the lengths shown in the diagram for each motor (42cm for what will end up being the port motor, 38cm for the vertical motor, and 35 for the starboard motor). Remember, this is to MARK NOT CUT at this point.

Marks should be made on each of the three lead wires for each motor to prevent any one wire being to short or to long

Tape labels about 5cm above (closer to the end of the wire) each mark with the respective position that motor will be. For instance, since the motor with a mark at 42cm will be the port motor, a label with a "P" written on it was used.