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Now we're going to remove the shrink tubing that protects the lead wires that came with the motor.

For these steps, you'll want to use a very sharp razor blade- this will make your job a lot more easy!

When cutting through shrink tubing, be careful not to nic the magnet wire coming from the motor.

Start by cutting along the length of the outer shrink tubing.

Once the outer shrink tubing has been removed, cut a slit in the three pieces of shrink tubing surrounding each individual motor lead. The slit should extend from the leadwire-end of the shrink tubing to the solder joint that couples the leadwire to the motor, but not further.

The slit does not need to go further then the solder joint (it does not need to run the entire length of the shrink tubing) because the tubing can be pulled off after the solder joint is melted. Not cutting further then the solder joint will reduce the risk of cutting magnet wires from the motor.