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Here comes the best part- we're going to pot the battery tubes, forward endcaps, and the area surrounding the syringe in the main endcaps.

First, insert the tip of an E-90FL mixing nozzle into the hole on the aft battery endcap (which is now held with superglue against the battery tube).

The nozzle should fit into the the hole on the endcap, but should not be made to bottom out as epoxy must be able to flow out of the nozzle unimpeded.

Inject epoxy so that goes around both sides of the parimeter of the endcap, up through the root of the "T" slot, out to either side of the T to cover the wires, until it finally oozes out of the center oval hole.

It may be a good idea to keep a towel handy as epoxy sometimes escapes around the edges or excessive amounts may come out of the oval hole.

After pulling the mixing nozzle out of the hole on the endcap, a small amount of additional epoxy may need to be injected into the hole to fill the area previously displaced by the nozzle.