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The cement is solvent based, meaning it is not sticky but as it cures it bonds like materials.

Before you start, watch this great video on how to use acrylic cement from TAP Plastics.

The best way to apply cement is to hold the syringe bottle upright (tip at the top) and squeeze out a bunch of air, so when you turn the syringe bottle upside-down (and don't squeeze the bottle), air will burble inward and not allow cement to flow out. When you're ready to apply cement, lightly squeeze the bottle to overcome the vacuum pressure.

Only a little cement is required to make a good bond. Use the capillary effect to apply cement to a joint and have the cement work its own way into the space.

The acrylic cement does drip and should be done over a surface that can get dirty. Paper towels work well for this.

When working with acrylic cement it is recommended that you wear gloves, safety glasses, and work in a ventilated area.