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Now you can get ready to solder the DB-25 connector to the end of the newly trimmed wire harness.

Start by stripping off about 3mm of insulation from the end of each wire

Because each stripped wire will just barely fit in the solder cups for the DB-25 connector, it's easiest not to tin the wires before inserting them into their respective positions.

Look on the back of the DB-25 connector (the end with the solder cups) and identify pin 1 (labeled with a faint imprint in the plastic for the connector)

Use the guide shown to attach wires to the DB-25 connector. Be sure that battery polarity is correct by measuring for continuity between the forward (positive) terminal in each pack and the other end of the wire it goes too

The four I2C wires and the two AUX wires can be any of the extra six that were potted into the endcap- there is no order that need be put to them at this time. Following the photos later, the yellow strand on the tether line should be TETHER_A (18) and the blue strand should be TETHER_B (19)

There should be four pins that are left empty (TP22-TP25)