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You can now start potting the endcap. It is important that all the gaps between the wires in the harness get filled with epoxy. When potting the harness, periodically insert the epoxy nozzle between random sets of wires and move the tip of the nozzle around. Also be sure to inject epoxy under the channel the wires pass through in the endcap.

To help remove voids in the epoxy filing the endcap channel, move the harness up and down (like a toilet plunger) and from side to side. This may cause the level of the epoxy to fall (as it fills voids). More epoxy can be added as needed.

Finally, you'll also want to fill the hole of the Starboard endcap with epoxy. Just as for the Port endcap, epoxy should come up to just below the rim of the endcap hole.