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To make the endcap as strong as possible, we'll want as much surface area between the two disks to be cemented as possible. A good technique for cementing the disks together is to insert the syringe needle between the top of the two disks while pinching the bottom.

Allow cement to flow between the two disks so that it fills the gap between them from the bottom, up. (You may want to wear gloves, as some cement tends to leak out the bottom). Fill until the cement is about half way, then remove the syringe and squeeze the disks together so that cement is pushed across the entire interface between the disks.

You may want to rotate the disks about each-other slightly to spread cement around, but be sure that the two holes toward the edges of the disks are aligned before the cement sets.

Extra cement that drips out from the disks can be blotted up with a paper towel.