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This step is the hardest in the build and requires you to be very precise.

Pick up the three gripper arms in one hand and bunch the zipties together so that all of the ziptie ends come together at one point

Next pickup the servo horn ziptie, make sure that the loose heatshrink is still on it.

Place the end of the servo horn ziptie a couple of beads down from the ends of the gripper arms zipties.

Slide the heatshrink down from the servo horn so that it covers the four overlapped zipties.

You know that you have done this correctly when you can count four beads from the edge of the shrinkwrap to the base of the ziptie. If it is not four beads then you should redo this step.

What this step does is start to make it so that the beads of the servo horn and the beads of the gripper arms overlap to form a strong joint that can be pulled on