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The OpenROV build doesn't require that you have your own workshop but it does need a few specific tools. The tools you will need for each guide are listed at the beginning of the guide. A list of all the tools you will need for all parts of the build and afterwards is provided at the beginning of this guide.

You will need a computer (a laptop works better in the field) with a USB, Ethernet port, and Wi-Fi. It will need to run the latest version of Google Chrome. An internet connection is required to install Chrome and to update the OpenROV software and firmware, but not to operate the ROV in the field.

If your computer does not have an Ethernet port you can buy a USB to Ethernet adapter.

Some of the tools have their own pages with additional information. If you are having trouble sourcing them, you can post comments and sourcing solutions there. Here's an example for Acrylic Cement.