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Step Lines

[title] Apply Image to BBB
[* black] Insert the microSD card into your BBB.
[* black] Plug the USB wire into the BBB to power it up.
[* red] The USER LEDS will blink to show that the image is being applied to the BBB memory.
[* black] The process takes about 14 minutes to complete.
[* orange] Once the flashing process is complete the 4 USER LEDS will stop flashing and be on.
[* black] When this is complete, remove the USB cable from the BBB to power it off and remove the microSD card.
[* icon_note] If you removed your BBB from your controller board, you can now reattach it.
[* black] '''You will need to also update the firmware on the Ardunio. Please read all the way to the end of this guide.'''