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[title] Closing the Tube
[* icon_reminder] From the previous steps, you should have already tested the electronics and motors before closing up the tube.
[* black] Unplug the db-25DB-25 connector.
[* black] Unplug the db-25DB-25 connector.
[* black] Make sure the main tube is clean.
[* black] Check that the o-ring are clean and lubricated and place them on both the endcaps.
[* black] Align the E-Chassis as shown in Fig 1. Plug the DB-25 back into the controller board. Be sure all of your wires are tucked away and there is nothing obscuring a smooth slide down of the tube.
[* black] Slide the tube down the electronics chassis and onto the endcap.
[* black] Place the other endcap on the other side of the tube. It should mirror the other endcap.