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[title] Closing the Tube
[* icon_reminder] From the previous steps, you should have already tested the electronics and motors before closing up the tube.
[* black] Align the E-Chassis as shown in Fig 1. Be sure all of your wires are tucked away and there is nothing obscuring a smooth slide down of the tube.
[* icon_note] Now is a good time to clean the tube to ensure your camera gets a clear picture, and to be sure there is no dust or dirt that might interfere with a good o-ring seal.
[* black] Be sure your o- rings are clean and lubricated. Remove the plungers, and slide the e-tube onto the attached electronics. You may need to press down firmly to get the tube onto the cap.
[* black] Place starboard endcap on the other end in alignment (mirror image) with the port endcap. They should fit nicely against each side of the tube, and you should be able to see the o-ring seal.
[* black] Replace the plungers in each side of the endcaps.