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[title] Soldering Front Pos Battery Endcaps
[* black] Clean each endcap thoroughly, and place the small o-rings on each cap.
[* icon_note] Be sure to put the o-ring on before your solder! Otherwise it will be quite difficult to get the o-ring over the square battery cap piece. If this happens it is easier to un-solder the battery cap, place the ring, and resolder.
[* black] Since the o-ring will make a pretty tight fit with the main tube when pushed out to the right diameter, it is recommended that a lubricant be used on top of the o-ring (we like to use a commonly available lubricant called "MagicLube" which is available at many hardware stores) to assure the o-ring gets seated properly.
[* black] To apply the lubrication to the o-ring, squeeze a small amount of lubrication onto your finger and then move the o-ring through your fingers.
[* icon_caution] When using lubrication it is recommended that you wear gloves.
[* black] Tin each positive battery wire and solder onto the positive terminal. The wire should not get in the way of the closing battery cap.
[* black] When finished it should look like fig 3. Do this for port and starboard battery caps