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Changes to Step #9

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Step Lines

[title] Tether-Strain Relief (cont)
[* black] Once the large zip-tie is securely attached, wrap the tether around the zip-tie in a candy-cane fashion as shown.
[* black] Using electrical tape, wrap the entire zip-tie and tether as shown until the entire zip-tie is securely attached to the tether.
[* black] Once the zip-tie is completely wrapped in tape from top to bottom, slide the 1/4" cable wrap up the tether to the base of the tie. Secure with more electrical tape or use a heat gun to prevent fraying of the cable wrap. The completed tether relief should look like fig 3.
[* icon_note] The purpose of this step is so that when pulling on the ROV, none of the electrical connections are stressed, stretched, or kinked.