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Step Lines

[title] Tether-Strain Relief
[* black] Place the heat shrink over the wires and shrink the tubing with the heat gun.
[* black] You should feel good about the connections and the heat shrink tubing during this step. If you are worried about a bad connection, snip the wires and start over.
[* black] One you feel good about the previous step, attach the tether to the handle as shown with the provided zip tie. This keeps the tether from getting caught in the propellers.
[* black] Attach the LARGE zip tie to the outermost hole in the handle as shown. Secure the zip tie. This will provide the actual strain relief between the tether and the ROV.
[* black] As mentioned in step 5 depending on where you cut your tether, cable tie this connection to the handle, or wrap in tape thoroughly with the large zip tie.