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[title] Finishing the hardware and getting back to software
[* black] Secure the construction with some tape and connect everything together:
[* black] Connect the flat ethernet cable from the Nano Router to the topside adapter
[* black] Connect the miniUSB cable to the Powerbank and the topside adapter
[* black] When you plug in the miniUSB cable the OpenROV should power up. Wait a bit for it to be fully booted up.
[* black] Let's connect to the Wireless network we created previously and connect to the Nano Router (
[* black] Check for the MAC-Address of the OpenROV under Advanced Settings -> DHCP Client List and copy it or write it down (the Assigned IP will be something different than on my screenshot and it will have a Lease Time)
[* black] Now go to Address Reservation and add the MAC-Address you previously copied and add the IP Adress, that way the OpenROV always gets the same IP address assigned to it