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Step Lines

[* black] Now it's time to put the tether onto the spool. Start at about 3 meters in from the top-side end of the tether (away from the ROV), and attach the tether to the spool using either a clove hitch or some tape.
[* black] This pigtail on the tether will set the distance between the topside adapter box and where the tether handler is working- it can be longer or shorter depending upon your needs
[* black] Work your way towards the ROV, wrapping the tether onto the spool in a figure-8 pattern. This pattern prevents twists from forming in the tether as it is wrapped and unwrapped
[* black] When you reach the ROV, take the 3-meter starting end and wrap it across the remainder of the spooled tether, holding everything in place
[* black] Now you're ready to head to the dive site!

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