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Step Lines

[* black] The tether, as supplied in the kit, needs to be unwound, de-kinked, and rewound onto a spool. These steps are easy to accomplish with two people
[* black] In a large yard or parking lot, unwind the kit tether into a long straight line. If you've been testing your ROV, remove the topside adapter box before performing these steps. If you have two people, have one person put both their arms through the tether bundle before cutting the cable ties.
[* black] Once the cable ties are cut, carefully pull the tether away from the kit bundle
[* black] Allow the kinks and the residual twisting stress to come out of the tether. This can be done by starting at the ROV, with the tether laying in your palm, and slowly walking down the length of the tether, allowing excess twists to unwind. Continue doing this until the tether doesn't seem to be untwisting any more.
[* black] Optionally, mark the tether every 10 meters or so, starting at the ROV end. This can be done with small pieces of electrical tape, inserted between the wire twists and taped against themselves. Write on the tape the running length of the tether.