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Step Lines

[* black] Use your favorite text editor to open /src/static/testviews.html
[* black] We will start with a clean workspace, so we need to comment out the other plugins that are used.
[* black] Commend out all of the script.push(...) lines about midway down the document. You can use the /* ... */ to comment out multiple lines easily.
[* black] Save the file
[* black] Note there is a commandline option in the comments for how to launch chrome in a special file access mode. You will need to close any running instances of node, open a command window, and then start chrome in this special mode.
[* black] OSX: /Applications/Google\\ Chrome --allow-file-access-from-files
[* black] If you get issues with getting a profile lock, shut down any currently running instances of chrome
[* black] From Chrome, do a file open, and select the testviews.html file you edited above.