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[title] Heed the notes about screws!
[* icon_note] There are three different sizes of screws in the kit. Pay close attention to the screws used in a particular step.
[* icon_note] Screws for a motor mount or motor plug are installed in pairs. Every time a pair is installed, screw the first one in 3/4 of the way. Then switch to the other screw and tighten fully (see next note). This will ensure connections are as straight as possible.
[* icon_caution] '''Apply just the right amount of torque to avoid over-tightening.''' Over-tightening can cause serious damage to your Trident. Here's how to get it just right:
[* red] Use the L-wrenches provided. Really, even if they are less comfortable or convenient. They were chosen specifically to avoid over-torquing.
[* red] Tighten a screw until you first begin to feel more resistance, like it's almost tight. Then, turn an additional quarter-turn (90ยบ). Do not exceed a quarter turn.
[* icon_note] Every time you finish tightening a pair of screws, test the connection by trying to gently wiggle the part (motor or motor plug). It should not feel loose at all. From this point forward, this will be referred to as the "wiggle test" :)

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