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[* black] Place the new left and right horizontal motors in the motor mounts. This is quite tricky and may even feel like they won't fit. Rest assured they will after some encouragement.
[* icon_note] If you have propellers already attached it may be necessary to move them into a favorable position to leverage the motors in place. Typically this is with them forming a "Y" so that you can move the shaft slightly higher against the propeller guards.
[* icon_caution] The screws should be screwed in "monkey tight" not "gorilla tight" too tight and irreparable damage may occur.
[* red] If your motors already have propellers attached it's important that they are the correct ones. The left and right propellers are unique and have a small "L" and "R" on the back. L goes on the port side and R goes on the starboard side.

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