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Changes to Step #74

Edit by Matthew Valancy

Edit approved by Eric Stackpole


Step Lines

[* black] Insert one threaded rod into the rear-most set of holds on the bottom of the shell and the other rod either all the way forward, or the second hole in from forward.
[* icon_note] Placing the rod in the furthest-forward set of holes is best for ROV balance and strength, but my interfere with the field of view of the camera later on. It's easy to switch this if you change your mind!
[* black] Attach locking nuts to the ends of the threaded rod. The locking nuts are the ones with the white nylon inserts inside of them instead of just being all metal.
[* black] Use reusable zip ties to secure each of the two battery packs to the shell. The battery pack with the longer leads should go on the port side.
[* black] Use diagonal cutters to cut off excess zip tie, but leave about 5mm extra on each so that it is easy to reattach the batteries with the same zip tie later.