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Step Lines

[* black] Attach the Controller Board to the E-Chassis using M3 nylon screws and nuts as shown.
[* icon_note] For the screw hole closest to the DB-25 connector, the ESC near the edge may need to be lifted slightly to put the screw in place.
[* icon_note] In some of the earlier 2.5 kits, only 8 M3 nylon screws were included, but 9 will actually be needed to fully fasten everything. Either the screw used to attach the BeagleBone Black to the standoff, or one of the screws used to attach the Controller Board to the E-Chassis can be used elsewhere instead.
[* black] From inside the box for the HS-81 servo, remove the two-arm servo control horn and cut off one of its arms using a diagonal cutter.
[* black] Also use the diagonal cutter to remove the corners from the cut-off portion of the horn. This will allow the arm to fit inside the hole cut out in the Camera Mount arm.