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Step Lines

[* black] Place the BeagleBone Plack down onto the large male headers built into the controller board.
[* icon_caution] Be sure the header pins are aligned properly with the holes on the BeagleBone Black, and that the Ethernet jack on the BeagleBone Black is facing away from the ESCs
[* black] Plug the other end of the Ethernet Jumper into the port on the BeagleBone Black.
[* black] Use an additional M3 screw to fasten the BeagleBone Black to the standoff coming out of the Controller Board
[* icon_note] In some of the earlier 2.5 kits, only 8 M3 nylon screws were included, but 9 will actually be needed to fully fasten everything. Either the screw used to attach the BeagleBone Black to the standoff, or one of the screws used to attach the Controller Board to the E-Chassis can be used elsewhere instead.