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Step Lines

[* black] Cut three 35mm-long lengths of the larger diameter blue shrink tubing and place one over the wire leads for each motor. The initial diameter of the blue shrink tubing will make a pretty tight fit over the three smaller pieces of shrink tubing, but with the right coercion, should be able to slide most of the way to the motor.
[* black] Heat the blue shrink tubing with a heat gun until it is snug.
[* icon_note] The blue shrink tubing does not require as much heat as the black tubing. In fact, if you shrink it down too much, it may start to split, in which case it should be replaced (there should be enough extra blue tubing to make a few mistakes)
[* icon_note] Once you've done these steps for all three motors, they are ready to be part of the ROVs wire harness!