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Step Lines

[* black] In this section, we're going to attach longer leads to each of the three motors and waterproof their solder junctions with special adhesive-lined shrink tubing. It will be helpful to have the tools and materials shown in the photograph.
[* black] To start out, we'll need to remove the motor bells. In order to do this, we'll have to remove the c-clips that retain them by spreading the c-clips open and off off with the outside edges fine-tipped needle nose pliers.
[* icon_caution] The c-clips sometimes pop of with a lot of speed, so it's a good idea to wear saftey glasses to protect your eyes!
[* black] If you don't have any fine-tipped needle nose pliers laying around, a flat-head screwdriver can also be used, but this is a bit more tricky.