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Step Lines

[* black] Next, we're going to pot the holes on the forward endcaps. This will seal the holes from water intrusion.
[* icon_note] Note that the forward endcaps are not yet attached to the lead wires come though the battery tubes- that will happen after the epoxy on both parts has set
[* icon_note] The nozzle from the epoxy gun should be placed firmly into the hole on the endcap. Without a good mate between the nozzle and the endcap, epoxy will ooze out onto the surface of the endcap instead of filling the hole.
[* black] Fill the hole of the endcap until a circular bead of epoxy can be seen filing the indented part of the button terminal.
[* icon_note] If some epoxy overflows out of the hole onto the surface of the endcap, that's okay- it won't get in the way of anything.
[* black] Do this for both forward battery endcaps