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[* black] We're now going to re-pot the the endcaps. To do this, we're going to follow along with the OpenROV 2.6 build guide.
[* black] If you've been using the v2.5 or v2.4 OpenROV, you've hopefully got some of the 90-Minute Epoxy left. If not, we've done extensive testing and found that we can safely use 2-ton epoxy from the hardware store. The brand we like is Devcon, 2-ton epoxy "flowmix". The "flowmix" is important because it gives you a mixing tube applicator.
[* icon_caution] 5-minute epoxy is not apropraite, as it hardens before it can penetrate between all the wires and cables.
[* black] Either way, the next several steps show a new ROV in progress, but the technique is the same for us.