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[* black] We'll now place syringe plungers into the holes for each main endcap. These plungers seal the endcaps during use, but can be pulled out momentarily to relieve pressure after the endcaps get seated (which pressurizes the air inside the main tube)
[* black] The stem of each syringe plunger should be cut so that it is flush with the outer surface of the endcap as shown. (This way it will be held in place when the main tube is placed inside the shell of the ROV)
[* black] Place a #340 o-ring (the medium-sized, fat one) in the grooves ("o-ring glands") of both endcaps
[* black] Since the o-ring will make a pretty tight fit with the main tube when pushed out to the right diameter, it is recommended that a lubricant be used on top of the o-ring (we like to use a commonly available lubricant called "MagicLube" which is available at many hardware stores) to assure the o-ring gets seated properly

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