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Changes to Step #17

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Step Lines

[* black] Stack the remaining 6mm-thick disk (the one with a slot coming from the edge) on top of the 1.5mm thick disk that was just added. Make sure the inner radius of the slot and the hole from the other disks are aligned, and the disks are concentric.
[* black] After the disks have been cemented together, it's a good idea to allow a little more cement to run around the perimeter of each interface to assure no gaps are left on the outside edges of the disks.
[* black] One more disk (the white, 1.5mm-thick one) will be added later, but set that aside for now.
[* black] Once these parts are cemented together, you can repeat the same steps for the other endcap, only MAKE SURE THE ENDCAPS END UP BEING MIRROR IMAGES OF EACH-OTHER!