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Changes to ガイド5 - 仕上げ [Japanese] Introduction

Edit by Yuichi Shimura

Edit approved by Yuichi Shimura



  • ラジオペンチ x1 added.
  • ペンチ x1 added.
  • 精密ドライバーセット x1 added.
  • ニッパー x1 added.
  • ビニールテープ x1 added.
  • はんだごて x1 added.
  • ヒートガン x1 added.
  • 保護メガネ x1 added.
  • 使い捨てゴム手袋 x1 added.
  • シリコングリス x1 added.
  • ワイヤーストリッパー x1 added.
  • スケールメジャー x1 added.
  • 瞬間接着剤(アロンアルファ) x1 added.
  • サンドペーパー#150 x1 added.
  • Needlenose Pliers x1 removed.
  • Standard pliers x1 removed.
  • Small Screwdriver Set x1 removed.
  • Flush Cutter x1 removed.
  • Electrical Tape x1 removed.
  • Soldering Iron and Solder x1 removed.
  • Heat Gun x1 removed.
  • Safety Glasses x1 removed.
  • Disposable Rubber Glove x1 removed.
  • Magic Lube x1 removed.
  • Wire Strippers x1 removed.
  • Metric Measuring Tape x1 removed.
  • Super Glue x1 removed.
  • Sand Paper (around 150 grit) x1 removed.