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Record video from your ROV webcam using the VLC program connected to the ROV network video feed.



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  1. Start up your ROV
    • Start up your ROV

    • Test the ROV to make sure it's going by visiting it's URL (normally unless connected to a router etc)

    • Connect to the ROV with VLC (Open Network Stream) with the following URL: (assuming you are using the default IP address, change to be appropiate)

    • Watch the video stream in!

    • Enable advanced controls in the view menu of VLC to access the record button

    • Alternatively the record button can be found under the "playback" menu.

    • Press record to record the ROV stream!

    • Find the recorded videos in your documents/videos folder

    • Post them to youtube and mix with Gopro footage to show the world how cool being underwater is.


Recording and sharing your underwater footage is awesome.

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Thank you! Appreciate this so much. I was wondering how to capture video.

Scott Suzuki - Reply

Thank you!!!

Scott Suzuki - Reply

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