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Original post by: Steve Bassett ,


I don't know much about grippers but I am very familiar with servo's. To answer your question, any servo that fit's will work. It's just a matter of how much torque you will require if you get (or build) a gripper. You can go to just about any hobby store and get a servo. They start inexpensive, nylon geared and low torque to metal geared, high torque servo's. The only change will be the amount of current required to run the servo. I small inexpensive one won't pull much current but it won't pull much of anything else either. If you want to get something reliable I suggest a metal geared high torque servo. They are more money and will pull more current.  I have a 2.6 ROV and found the servo that came with it lacking a bit (it worked but at extreme up and down it would stall and burn out. I build R/C aircraft with mechanical retracts and pulling up three wheels takes a lot of force. I use the metal geared high torques and have never had a problem with them. A servo in the "good" range will cost you about 15 bucks (micro servo size which is what the 2.6 uses). Best of luck  if you take on building a gripper arm.