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Original post by: Steve Bassett ,



Brightness helps but experience with buiding kits is a major factor in coming up with a time to assemble. I say this because I used to work for Heathkit as a tech and I could build a full size compter (old style with the monitor and keyboard all in one case.  When I started building them for customers it would take me a week at least and that was stepping through a well laid out assembley manual. At my peak I put assemble 3 in a day without any manual.

If you are familiar with kits figure (factoring what you use your time for) about 10 days to do it RIGHT. Careful work and well laid out wiring makes a huge difference over ignoring things that make problems.

It's important to have things not included  in the kit such as silicone grease/spray tools (glue gun, top notch soldering station and a few other things you may have to order or shop for and that adds to time.

Once you have everything you need to do the job and have the time figure 4 days unless you want to work from morning to evening. Assuming no mistakes you could do it in 2 or 3 days. If you are not familiar with electronics you will have to learn about some aspects of it...more time.

From my experience go slow your not in a race....the results will speak for themsleves. Good luck with the build !!