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Original post by: OpenROV (Sofar) ,



You can find additional information on the [|product page] on our website.

1) Yes we can ship to  Dubai.

2) It is controlled by a computer on the surface. You can use a gamepad controller connected to your computer or keyboard commands.

3)  It is tethered and not wireless so you should be fine.

4)  The ROV can travel to a depth of 100m safely so 20m should not be an issue.

5)  We recommend the[|LiFePO4 batteries] that we sell on our website. This will give you a run time of 2-3 hours depending on use.

6)  We have [[Topic:OpenROV v2.8 (Kit Assembly)|step by step build guides]].

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

-Brian G.